When designing your house, it is very hard to depend on someone especially someone you hardly know to make changes that you can’t envision yet. It’s hard to choose which designer to depend on or rather who will understand your vibe and come up with something exactly like how you want. With Dominika, (I would actually prefer to call her “Dom” now!) this came very easy for us!

The instant she saw the house she came up with amazing changes that can happen right away and gave us a picture of how beautiful the home can look in a short period of time. She is very professional and friendly at the same time. Her prices are very fair and reasonable. She provided excellent designs and computerized 3D renderings. She did a detailed assessment to see what our heart wants and delivered exactly it in a time bound manner. She is very hard-working and not some one who would give up. She constantly researches what will look the best and keeps reaching out to you to ensure that this is what you would want too. She is very accommodating with your price range and sticks to it.

Often times during the process we depended on her to make choices with regards to colour and furniture and it was like she read our minds and got stuff that we would love!! These were the times when I gave her infinite thanks and hugs!!

Dominika is meant to be an interior decorator and I can say this happily that she would make any house into a beautifully designed home. Her warm compassionate personality and amazing skills of a pro designer is a perfect package. For me, home decor equals to Dom!!!
— Vimi S., Brampton
I rented a small one bedroom apartment and had a big challenge choosing furniture and accessories. I hired Dominika to help me choose furniture and decoration accessories. I told here that my main challenge is the size of the apartment and the lack of storage areas. Dominika was very professional and got to work immediately taking measurements and throwing ideas even when we were still in the assessment phase. After we started the project she sent me 3-D designs of how the place would look along with several choices and suggestions. She also created a shopping list for the furniture while always giving me the choice to put my own input. After all the furniture was in place we went together to shop for accessories and decorations. Dominika also installed and arranged the place herself to my satisfaction. I was very happy to end up with lots of storage, which was my main concern and in the mean time the place is well balanced and not jammed with many items. What I really liked about her is being always approachable and responding in a timely manner, taking care of the details, and being super friendly!
— Mo B., Toronto
I hired Dominika Pate to re-design our Living Room and Dining area. She was so good that we decided to re-hire her for our bathroom renovations two months later! She was always professional and courteous to the style and budget that we wanted to work with. Her communication was excellent and timely. Her interpersonal skills were great! She is very talented when she helps you pick out materials and furnishings. She really knows current trends and styles and knows exactly how to incorporate them into your home! Her contractors were selected by her, prices were excellent and job was well done. All within budget!!! I am very happy with Dominika Pate Interiors and strongly recommend her services!
— Elizabeth K., Niagara Region
I have been working with Dominika of Dominika Pate Interiors to redesign my living room, dining room, and entry. It has a very open concept, so I was very concerned about how to put it all together so it flowed nicely. I currently have very traditional pieces, which I would like to change, except for the dining room, which I can’t afford to. Dominika has given me an amazing plan of how to make a contemporary living room work with my traditional dining room. She has helped me choose new furniture for the living room, and suggested tweaks in the dining room to bring it all together. She has also given me some great ideas for the entry, which is very open to the living room/dining room. I don’t have any photos yet, as it is a work in progress, but I have a beautiful plan to work towards, and Dominika has given me a 3D rendering of how it will all look. I’m very excited to see it completed.

When I engaged Dominika, I told her this project would not happen all at once due to time and cost, but that I needed a plan to know what I was working towards. Dominika has been great about working slowly with me, and yet staying in touch. Her excitement about the project is contagious. Lastly, for those of us who don’t have bottomless pockets, her fees are extremely reasonable, and many of her suggestions are cost effective.

Bottom line, I would highly recommend working with Dominika Pate. She listens to what you want to achieve, and has some wonderful ideas. She has suggested some things I never thought of, even after years of watching home decorating shows! I look forward to finishing the plan, and enjoying our space for years to come.
— Teri M., Mississagua
I hired Dominika for a consultation on re-decorating my living room. I contacted her by email and received a prompt reply and we set up an appointment. When she arrived, Dominika was full of ideas and took her time to feel the room and get to know me and what style and needs she would address. After spending time talking, she took measurements and continued getting the information she needed to provide some options for my room. I received a few designs by email that gave me an excellent idea of how the room would look in two different furniture arrangements and wall colours. Her recommendations did provide me with options I had not thought of. Overall, her services were great, she has a wonderful personality which makes her very easy to work with. She was prompt and always lived up to her deadlines. I would recommend her services.
— Fa A., Toronto
Dominika Pate works with with her clients very closely giving many different ideas and possibilities. She was remodelling my guest room and computer room. She painted the walls, we went shopping for new decoration, then she decorated it and all that just took her 4 days and the job was done! I was so happy with that and now I really enjoy the look of my new rooms. Dominika really knows her job , she can transform your old four walls into an amazing new look! I would recommend Dominika to my friends and if I ever need Interior Designer she will be the one I will hire again.
— Barbara G., Windsor